The engine

The research project behind the ImprovAbility model identified more than 800 statements from the research interviews and the litterature. Each statement indicated what generated success or failure for a given project. A description of the context was linked to each statement, including relevant activities.  All this was structured into 20 parameters which is now the central part of the ImprovAbility model. The engine grows stronger each time more empiric information from completed services is delivered. The kowledgebase and the concept is the engine behind the ImprovAbility services and works in two ways:

1. Analysis

The ImprovAbility model guides the consultant through all the relevant parameters, and prioritize findings according to the specific project.

2. Recommendations

Based on the ImprovAbility analysis and from a catalogue of 80+ different improvement techniques, the model provides the most relevant proactive measures to take for the specific project.

The engine is adding international experience to personal experience.

Only certified ImprovAbility Consultants and Proof of Project Assessors can provide this level of qualified guidance that enables you to succeed with your projects.

The twenty parameters behind: