“We had some long and exciting days with Whitebox (former DELTA) experienced and competent consultants. The ImprovAbility™ check gave us a good understanding of strong and weak areas in our production and we now know the factors which are crucial for success. We have gained a fresh new view at our situation and it helps improve our business that we can now focus our initiatives on the areas where we will have the most impact.” – Igor Kozlov, CEO, Danico, Ukraine

“We had the ImprovAbility™ check at a crucial moment just before arranging an innovation day for the whole company. The ImprovAbility™ check revealed that we had different views about important aspects. The ImprovAbility™ check also helped us consider the innovating day in a holistic way. We realized that we had a strong team, but also that it would be up to us to secure the success of the innovation day. As a result we made more effort to motivate people and secure their active involvement. We also made a greater effort for utilizing the active sponsorship from the CEO in the best possible way. The innovation day was a big success and we have now plans for repeating it. The consultants from Whitebox (former DELTA) were professional and from the beginning had a good feel for where we were heading.” – Claus Boholm, Systematic, Denmark

“Provided deep insight into the risks at play and provided a foundation for deciding improvements both at project and portfolio level. What makes ImprovAbility™ strong is that it’s easy to understand and adaptable to the company context. The practical part of the assessment was easy, quick and felt very involving and relevant for the project team who participated. Clearly a process that we would like to repeat for other projects.”  Niels Falkenberg, CTO, Welltech, Denmark