The research behind the model

The ImprovAbility concept is the result of a research project, where the IT University, DELTA and four major players in the financial sector searched for answers to the question:

  “Why does so many improvement projects fail, and what are the characteristics of both success and failure?”

The research included studies of success models, empirical studies of failed and success projects, comprehensive literature studies, motivation theory, and many other related topics. One very visible result was more than 800 observations related to either success or failure. Those where concentrated into the twenty parameters that is an essential part of the ImprovAbility model, still keeping track of their origin and context. This is why Certified ImprovAbility Consultants can establish a structured overview very fast, and why their recommendations are based on empirical studies of what has proven to work in more situations.

Talent@IT was the name of the project, and the website can be seen here, however not updated since the end of the project. Research project

Major parts of the results are described in the book, now released in the second edition. €29,75 mail to

An article from “CrossTalk” on ImprovAbility can be found here.070HejeJohansenChristiansenKorsaa